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Introducing our dedicated and skilled vets in LICHFIELD, Staffordshire

At Swinfen Veterinary Centre, service provision is implemented embracing of the importance of pet ownership. As a result, we are committed to veterinary care of an exceptionally high standard.

A veterinarian you can trust

Services offered at Swinfen are included in the main primary care at grassroots level. Emphasis is also made on advising owners how to look after their animal in such a way that reduces the likelihood of contracting infections and general illnesses. This comes from the good old edge of prevention being better than cure. This has made our clinic very attractive to small stock production clients as well as backyard chicken rearers. Veterinarians are fully certificated with DEFRA and AHVLA to approve exports of birds of prey, feedstuff of animal origin as well as passports for pets. At consultations, emphasis is laid heavily on explaining, as much as possible, issues surrounding the health challenges the animal could face at that time. An intensive plan of action is properly implemented to meet the challenges. It is this approach that has made Swinfen attractive to many clients.
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"In home" services

The following “in home” services are provided at Swinfen Veterinary Centre:

* Primary care of dogs, cats, rabbits and small mammals.
* Canine athletic medicine with emphasis on Greyhound’s, Whippets, Spaniels, Retrievers and Terriers. Veterinarians in the establishment work intensely with Greyhounds and working dogs.
* Out-of-hours emergency cover is provided with the help of friendly practices who have kindly agreed to provide such cover. The emphasis is on telephone advice if a visit is not required.
* Visits to stables/house are provided within a 20-mile radius.

Comprehensive veterinary services

Medical and surgical procedures are also performed in the establishment. Swinfen vets take pride in the extended use of referral cases within the vicinity, those renowned for their specialist services of very high standards. Services range from orthopaedics to ophthalmology, internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.
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When your furry friend needs expert medical attention, contact our team of experienced vets in Lichfield, Staffordshire on 01543 483 676.

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